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Paris November 2006

My husband and I were married in October 2006.  For our honeymoon we decided to go balls out and completely over do it!  We spent 10 days in London and Paris.  I could have spend years in either city and still found adventures to have!  This is the post about Paris, so I am trying to recount as best as I can what we did, after all, that’s what this blog is for.  I booked the entire trip using Expedia.  Next time we go I think I would like to do guided tours, possibly some ghost tours!

Before getting on the plain, the advice I heard from people most was, don’t tell them your American, tell them your from Canada!  We didn’t of course.  We also heard people were going to be rude to us.  That didn’t happen either.  We listened to some tapes and tried to learn some conversational French before going.  Please, Thank you, bill please, coffee, I don’t speak French, where the hell am I?  Things like that.  As long as we made the attempt to speak to them and were polite, we had no issues.

We took the train from London to Paris, which was wonderful.  One tip – remember to look under the train seat, otherwise you might get all the way to the end of the platform, then nearly have a nervous breakdown trying to explain to the train security who did not speak English (hey, you are in France), that your purse with both your and your husband’s passports is still on the train!  Some how through charades and what must have been recognition of sheer panic in my eyes, they figured out that they needed to get me back on the train :)   We made our way to the tube with our bags and got to the stop nearest our hotel.  It was raining, which sucks when you have all your luggage with you.  Paris is very twisty turny, but with the help of local maps and friendly people we figured out our way to the hotel.

Of course we hit the Eiffel Tower which was amazing of course.  I was surprised by all the armed guards walking around.  We headed to the top, it was cold and very windy up there in November, but the view, Oh my gods the view from the top of the tower is breathtaking. I am afraid of heights so I only braved the look over the rail once, quickly.  My husband however likes to taunt me and he has a few photos looking straight down *dizzy*.