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Traveling with a puppy.

Shortly after also adopted our adorable puppy Jax, we decided to  visit my brother in Denver.  I wasn’t ready to leave Jax for almost a week.  I’m a little smitten with our puppy.  Now for me, someone who doesn’t like to draw attention to herself, traveling with a puppy can rev up the anxiety.  Luckily with a little research it ended up being fairly painless.

There were a couple of options, Cargo (no way) or under the seat in front of you.  That’s what we opted for.  On Delta it cost us $125 each way for Jax.  We had to call ahead and make a reservation for him.  They only allow so many pets in the main cabin.  The airline will ask for the dimensions of the carrier to make sure it will fit under the seat for type of plane you’ll be on.  Setting it up was easy peasy.

For the pet carrier, we ended up getting Jax a Sherpa – medium through  These carriers advertise themselves as being made for air travel. helped us figure out which carrier would be best for Jax. (

Since he is so young I was worried about Jax being anxious and that he would be uncomfortable when the air pressure changed .  My vet confirmed that dog ears have to regulate like human ears do.  So we made sure he had a treat stuffed Kong to chew on and also gave him a sedative to try and keep him calm.  When Jax gets upset he has a distress yelp that can break glass!  Happily this combo seemed to work like a charm.

Going through security my husband and I both have the Fast Pass.  We just had to take Jax out of his carrier and hold him while going through security.  The smiles that people get when they see a puppy got us thinking that everyone should get a puppy or kitten to keep them in a good mood going through airport security.

Once in the airport, we determined where our gate was, the headed to the designated pet relief area.  Both Detroit Metro airport and the Denver airport had a spot you could let the dog out of the carrier to relive themselves.  In Detroit it’s an adorable AstroTurf type surface with little fire hydrants.  To clean the area you hit a button and sprinklers come up to give it a good rinse.

We were told not to let him out of the carrier while in the terminal so we just covered his carrier up and he mostly slept.  A decent experience for our first flight with a pup.  Jax made it to Denver and was able to do a lot of playing with his cousin Zoey.

Jax      IMG_20170927_070127