Paint Creek Trial

I get bored easily, probably why I like adventures so much.  Even for something as simple as doing a walk/jog I find I do better if I change my scenery.  So on this particular day I found a not too far away place called Paint Creek Trail.  This was a high point in a day that wasn’t going so well.

Paint creek trail can be reached at several points.  I ended up near the paint creek cider mill on Orion road in Lake Orion, MI.  This is not hard to find if you have decent directions.  I had a map program that was possessed by evil electrical gremlins giving me wrong turns trying to anticipate the route it thought I would take and zooming when I need it to zoom the least.  So an hour and a broken phone screen later I arrived at the mill.  Blissfully they have public restrooms as well.

Paint Creek wheelsPaint Creek_1

This is an absolutely beautiful and well marked trail that was converted from a rail line.  It’s crushed rock and wide enough that you don’t have to worry too much about a bike or jogger being able to pass you. The path runs along Paint Creek and winds in and away from the path in spots and makes that beautiful bubbling music that creeks can do.   It’s a straight trail so I as much as I wanted to keep going, I had to keep in mind that I still need to muster the energy to get back to my car.  For my needs, this was a beautiful path that gives me a few options to mix it up since I can’t yet do the full 8.9 miles and then back again.  I can begin at any one of the easily accessible trail heads and do a few miles at a time.  This particular day I did 2.7 miles one way.

Paint Creek 2

If your hungry, there is a cute little cafe where they lure you in with the sweet sweet smell of cider and cider mill donuts *drooool*.  I was starving after my driving mis-adventure so I indulged in a darn yummy hot dog before setting out.

Paint Creek cafe

You can find specifics about the trial here or here for starters.