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My first Warrior Dash, or OMG OW!

When I heard of this event called a Warrior Dash, I was a bit intimidated. I don’t run.  I try, but it’s more like a walk/jog, as in walk a block, run a block.  I do Zumba and some Pilates to try and keep in shape.  I started also doing some strength training as the date neared for my first Warrior Dash.   I’ve done several 5K runs (walk/jogs), so this was going to be a fun new thing.  An obstacle course!  I was mostly excited to see if I could do all of the obstacles and still not die before the end of the course.   They give you a time tracking device and when you turn it in they give you beer!  Brilliant!

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Ok so also another reason for doing this, I feel a bit broken most of the time and this was a test of myself to see how I would fare.  I’ve had an ACL reconstruction (ligament in the knee), a rotator cuff repair, a sever angle sprain and this pesky pinched nerve near my spine.   I wanted to see if I could do this and not break, sprain, pull something.  I mostly succeeded.

This was not easy, but it wasn’t the worse thing ever.  I think the Aerial class I did in April left me more sore on the upper body.  The obstacles were doable, but you had to put forth some good effort.  There was climbing and swimming and mud ditches and hurdles and fire!  I really pushed myself so towards the end I felt like I was going to throw up!  There were only two little obstacles left though and I knew I could do it.  I just had to keep in mind there was an ice cold beer waiting for me at the end!

This is the first and only obstacle course I have done so I do not have much to compare it to.  For my part, I did pretty well.  I can walk/jog a 5k in about 50 minutes.  My husband and I both completed this course and every obstacle in 67 minutes +/- a few seconds.  There is an option to walk around the obstacles if you can not complete it.

As I write this two days after the race, I am finding bruises in places I don’t recall hitting.  I have a large bruise all down my right front thigh and smaller ones on my arms.  I have rope burns on my shins and forearms.  I am proud of each and every bruise and scrape because damn it I earned these suckers! As far as injuries, I’m not sure if it’s related but I may have irritated or re-injured my rotator cuff.  Time will tell.

I am proud that I made it through and am considering doing another one in the near future.  Near being far enough out that I have healed fully 😉

My beautiful picture