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Tonsils out as an adult – not the greatest adventure

So the winter of 2013-2014 has not been kind.  My husband and I have both been sick more than any other time in recent memory.  I ended up with a bad virus that settled in my throat and lasted a couple of weeks.  That combined with icky sinuses resulted in a Peritonsilar Abcesss (http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/peritonsillar-abcess).  I figured this out one night after 2 visits to my primary doc and no luck getting this odd swelling in my throat to go away.  So after some heavy research I ended up at the local ER to get the abscess lanced.  Almost instant relief after the pain meds wore off and a day of salt rinses the swelling was gone and so was the uncomfortably feeling it brought with it.

After a Peritonsilar Abscess you get to head the the Ear Nose and Throat doc for follow up.  The ENT asks about how often I get sore/swollen throats (pretty often) and that plus the abscess = tonsils need to come out.  So ok, this sucks.

After a month of letting the lancing of the abscess heal in I go for surgery.  I read the warnings and knew all the stuff that I needed to do for after care.  The surgery apparently did not go smoothly.  The Abscess made it difficult to get the tonsil tissue out and I bled… a lot.  However, I didn’t know any of that until 12 hours after I had been home and was heading back to the hospital.  I had begun gagging up blood.  Not just a little blood, but clots of blood would literally just roll out of my throat and I would start gagging and coughing until I nearly threw up.

I am not 2 days of almost no food, and very little sleep :(

This is of course not good because it results in more damage on top of what ever is causing the bleeding.  So I get admitted to the hospital again and they hook me up to this vacuum thing, like the thing you spit into at the dentist after they squirt the water into your mouth.  This sucks all the blood out into a bottle so the docs can see how bad it is.  I don’t know what the measurement ended up being but I recall over hearing one doc say, Yeah that’s a LOT of blood.

In my brain this justified my fears about, “how much blood can I lose before I just pass the hell out?”

They tried going back in twice and cauterizing and having me gargle with things that would help clotting.  I got excited at one point when the blood stopped for nearly 15 minutes!  Yes that is right, I had been coughing up so much so often that a 15 minute break was amazeballs!  I just started to nod off to sleep (going on 24 hours of no sleep at this point) when I coughed and yup!  There’s blood *sigh*

They ended up taking me back into surgery and finding a spot WAY in the back of my throat that had torn open.   I stayed overnight to be monitored and was released the next morning.  So far so good.  I finally was able to drink water!  I have bruises still from where my veins popped, I was so dehydrated they couldn’t get a regular IV in.

Lots of gagging still, but normal gagging.  It feels like there is a foreign object in my throat that I just can’t swallow, but the docs say that is normal.  Gah.